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CGI CustomerAdvance's AI-powered components help accelerate productivity, enhance customer experiences (CX) and response times.

This proven solution is used by the U.S Department of State’s Bureau of Consular affairs to support visa processing services for approximately 5 million U.S. applicants a year in 72 countries and 39 languages. 

CGI CustomerAdvance efficiently handles:

  • Customer contacts
  • Call center operations
  • Call routing and queuing
  • Shipment processing and tracking
  • Employee administration services
  • Customer scheduling
  • Financial service management including project accounting, payment processing financial records management

CGI CustomerAdvance key benefits:

  • Greater cost efficiency 
  • Faster response time
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Increased employee acceptance and satisfaction  

In the absence of efficient processes, employees will often create their own through spreadsheets, emails, automated scripts, among others. Such alternatives often lack auditability, security and reportable data. CGI CustomerAdvance solves this challenge.

Your business needs

CGI CustomerAdvance features

Outsource customer interactions

Our scalable, omnichannel solution supports CRM, case management and financial management processing.

Stand up or grow your worldwide operations

CGI's global network of contact centers, business process services and advanced technology can be deployed rapidly in any country and in almost any language. Our “follow-the-sun” model is supported by 700+ skilled professionals.

Deploy flexible solutions

Available as a unified solution or individual components.

  • Supports simple tasks such as a form completion, or more complex challenges like a scheduling workflow.
  • Configurable to serve a wide range of organizations.

Ensure cost-efficient and secure implementation

High-performing applications, secure platform, and unified data improves functionality and streamline processes—faster and more economically than a custom-built solution.

Well-established agile process supports rapid delivery, which further reduces maintenance costs by eliminating legacy applications and technology. 

Boost productivity and CX

Speeds response times and eliminates duplicative processes.

  • Consistent interface boosts employee and customer acceptance and satisfaction.
  • Customer transactions and service requests are fulfilled both online and through our contact centers.
  • Generative AI and natural language processing can quickly compose appropriate email responses to incoming inquires and for call center support.