Organizations that understand and embrace the use of data are pulling ahead of their peers in tangible ways, both in competitive advantage and in more effective operations.

Data2Diamonds is CGI’s methodology for the design and implementation of data-driven insights. The more high-quality data you can access and the better you can analyze it, the greater the potential for value.

Our research into digital leaders shows they intently design, manage and evolve their digital value chain to accelerate business outcomes. This includes pivoting the use of data from predicting and planning to sensing and responding. This requires managing and governing their distributed enterprise data as a strategic asset, integrated with technologies such as Internet of Things, advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision science and intelligent automation.


Our Data2Diamonds approach recognizes these imperatives and addresses data strategy to implementation and management.

Data vision, assessment, and roadmaps

We use best practices, experience-proven frameworks, and tools to accelerate the development of a value-driven data analytics strategy and ensure achievable deliverables.

Enterprise intelligence

Our enterprise intelligence solutions use business intelligence tools and techniques to present data in dynamic ways to discover new trends or patterns.

Data engineering and management

Our data engineering and management solutions include data ingestion, management, consumption, and governance.

Our vibrant worldwide community of professionals applies our Data2Diamonds approach with clients and partners every day.

Data2Diamonds provides an active knowledge base for clients, partners, and CGI professionals. This framework is also part of our overarching “Value in Motion” approach of pivoting to a “sense and respond” organization.