Julie Richards

With 30 years of experience in enterprise data and analytics, healthcare informatics and patient care, Julie is a Director of Healthcare Insights/Solutions in the Emerging Technology Practice in the U.S. Commercial and State Government business unit. She is responsible for data and analytics strategies, thought leadership and business development across the U.S. She has led some of the first healthcare prescriptive analytics projects to determine the best possible options to improve access, cost and quality of care.

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April 25, 2017 As data assets grow larger and more valuable in our digital world, managing data is also becoming more complex. As a result, two of the top governance challenges facing organizations today are how best to manage the use and value of data assets, and who is best suited to take those responsibilities ...

Optimizing healthcare value with prescriptive analytics – Part 2

February 20, 2017 The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (PSFD) (formerly Kent RFA), CGI and River Logic collaborated on a prescriptive analytics project to understand the impact and value of FD CARES, an innovative non-emergent services (NEMS) approach to community health management. FD CARES is dedicated to ...

Navigating the digital customer experience: data insight required

April 18, 2016 This blog post discusses the need for a data-driven customer experience roadmap, and provides key milestones.