Accelerating business outcomes for clients through our ecosystem of partners

In today’s world, collaboration is key to achieving long-term success. We collaborate with our clients and an ecosystem of partners to create a better future for all using advanced technology.

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As a Google Cloud partner, what value do we deliver to clients?

As a certified Google Global Service Partner, CGI helps drive innovation, agility and reliability to accelerate business value for our clients.

CGI brings to the table global delivery, emerging technologies and industry expertise, while Google offers innovative cloud technology that supports the digital services our clients need to pursue new business opportunities. 


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Increasingly, communications clients are leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence to reduce costs and enhance digital customer experience. Cloud is a key booster for maximizing the value of technology innovations. Read our case study

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Retail and consumer services

It is of growing importance for retailer and consumer services organizations to become digital enterprises to meet customer expectations. We use Google Cloud technology to help clients transition into the future. Read our case study

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Cloud advisory

Our cloud consultants help you assess your cloud readiness and risks; develop your single, hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, integration blueprint and roadmap; and help you design, implement and mature your cloud governance and operating model.  Explore rethinking how things get done.

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Application and infrastructure modernization

We leverage the full breadth of the Google Cloud Platform to securely migrate and modernize your critical infrastructure and applications, including Compute, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Storage, Data base, Serverless, App Engine, Apigee and Anthos.



Data and AI-driven operating model

We help you transform to an insight-driven operating model and tap new value with GCP data, analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning platforms and services, including AI Platform, Cloud AutoML, IoT, video/image, text, conversation services and AR/VR services.

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Low-code cloud native application agility

We accelerate your agility and time to market using App Engine, Firebase, GKE, Apigee, and Anthos.

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Modern work enablement

We help you build and enable a modern workforce with Google Workspace migrations.