HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia phones, is collaborating with CGI and Google Cloud to transfer phone activation and performance data to a Google Cloud data center in Hamina, Finland for storage and analysis. The aim of the partnership is to provide Nokia phone users with a better customer experience through faster and more accurate device updates. By leveraging Google Cloud's advanced analytics and machine learning technologies, as well as CGI's cloud and data science expertise, HMD Global can use data analytics to deliver greater benefits to Nokia phone users globally.

"Nokia smartphone users around the world appreciate our unique promise that every smartphone in the Nokia Android One family will receive regular security and operating system updates,” said Juho Sarvikas, Product Director at HMD Global. “We want every Nokia phone to stay up to date and for everyone to have access to the latest Google innovations. Our goal is to bring the latest Android updates to Nokia phones faster than other manufacturers. We made the decision to collaborate with CGI and Google Cloud, both existing partners, to improve the collection and storage of our increasing data.

The partnership also strengthens HMD Global's commitment to comply with all relevant European data protection regulations, such as the EU Data Protection Regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our goal is to take advantage of leading information security and analytics solutions worldwide,” said Juho. “We will continue our policy of providing consumers with transparent information about how we collect and store activation data and how that data improves the user experience. Our decision to transfer data management to Finland strengthens both data security and privacy, along with our promise of a clean, safe and up-to-date Android experience.

"Because Google uses entirely renewable energy globally, the Google Cloud platform not only meets HMD Global's software and data needs, but it also ensures that the solution is sustainable and environmentally friendly as well," said Eva Fors, Nordic Director of Google Cloud.

As an HMD Global partner, CGI previously developed an innovative, efficient and cost-optimal infrastructure for HMD Global’s smartphones and back-end systems in addition to providing data analytics expertise.

"With the latest data collection and analytics technologies and CGI data experts, HMD Global can continue to improve security and learn from the customer experience,” said Martti Reilander, Director of Advanced Analytics Solutions at CGI. “By analyzing the use of phones and customer satisfaction, you can get accurate information on how to further evolve your phones. This will provide better experiences and services for Nokia phone users around the world.