Ruisrock, the most popular summer music festival in Finland, thought of the possibilities and turned to CGI for help. Through advanced video analytics, CGI enabled Ruisrock to capture more data on its 2017 festival.

Bring the latest of HPC at scale to solve your complex challenges

The term high-performance computing (HPC) has been around for decades and typically describes the most powerful computing solutions available (e.g., super computers). Today, we define HPC as high-performing computing, storage and network connectivity that powers unconventional or specialized workloads. It can be in the form of physical hardware at a client or CGI location, but most often resides these days in the cloud.

Rapid advances in data-driven, environmental, safety, security and other science and technology fields are driving the need for high-performance computing (HPC). Globalization and other economic trends are likewise driving the need. CGI’s emerging technology practices across the globe innovate jointly with clients to develop innovative solutions, and we support these solutions through HPC.

CGI’s HPC experts work with clients locally, but also offer the strength of global resources. We collaborate with industry and academia to bring the latest HPC technology to our clients. We also value agile experimentation and learning and combine human psychology and human-centered design with deep emerging technology and industry expertise to deliver transformative innovation through HPC.

Providing secure, scalable production environments

CGI works with a European critical national infrastructure program to help facilitate a new level of scalable development that will accommodate higher levels of operational data and traffic.

Using hyperscale cloud technology, CGI is creating multiple production environments to complement the client’s existing development, testing, pre-production and legacy environments.

These new environments will simplify new development, upgrades and replacements as well as existing tools and processes. They will also manage workloads in compliance with commonly recognized best practices for secured cloud environments.

Envision a new way of powering your innovation and specialized emerging technology workloads

HPC solution engineering workshop HPC proof-of-technology HPC build to scale HPC managed services
1-2 days with emerging technology workload experts to design a high-level technical concept for a specialized use case Building and proving the HPC solution using DevOps, including conducting a feasibility study for scaling, regulatory compliance and support of an MVP Building, testing and releasing the full-scale HPC environment to support the specialized emerging technology workload and business case using the DevOps method and setting up a cloud-based DevOps operating model Maintaining and continuously improving the HPC solution using a DevOps model