Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency
to reduce costs and enhance quality

Personalized customer experience

Personalized customer experience
to drive loyalty and revenue

Business agility

Business agility
to drive new revenue streams

Knowledgeable sales associates

Knowledgeable sales associates
to ensure customer satisfaction and enable sales

Assortment optimization

Assortment optimization
to adapt to customer constraints

Becoming more sustainable

Becoming more sustainable
to meet customer expectations and increase loyalty

Data is a wealth of actionable insights across the end-to-end retail value chain

Performance efficiency

Define key performance indicators (KPIs) across the end-to-end retail value chain and take action to drive improvements.

Product Data

Build a single source of truth for all product data. Manage all the required product information to market and sell-in one place.

Supply chain agility

Ensure reliable and transparent supply chain data, enhance forecasting and fulfilment, optimize product availability and replenishment.

Pricing and Sales

Predict demand, optimize prices, promotions, and merchandising to maximize revenue
and margins.

Customer data and marketing automation

Organize, analyze and manage customer data to deliver marketing strategies and personalize the customer experience.

ESG and sustainability

Improve data quality and governance to enable data sourcing, reporting and exchange and leverage RPA to reduce administrative management.

Artificial intelligence

Personalize promotions, optimize prices, merchandising and inventory; enhance supply chain efficiency; and gain customer behavior insights.

Home improvement retailer

Home improvement retailer

2,000 stores and over 20,000 employees

Enhanced performance efficiency through product master data management.

Woman with phone smiling in retail store

Mass retailer

200,000 active products

Improved product information management and availability for customer facing applications

Grocery retailer

Grocery retailer

50% gain in operational execution

Improved demand forecasting for perishable items with
machine learning