Managing a mobile workforce can be complex and hectic. Dealing with absences unexpected work orders and scheduling issues are the norm. Important information can be missed and records can be inaccurate, especially when not managed in real time. Wasted time and resources generate excess costs and stress.

CGI Mobilog addresses all of these issues by digitalizing mobile workforce management, driving efficiencies and optimal performance. Providing a comprehensive overview of the work order status, CGI Mobilog enables workforce managers to agilely plan, optimize and monitor the work performance of their field employees.

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Mobilog revolutionizes workforce management for Lissila & Tikanoja

Transform Your Mobile Workforce Management to Drive Efficiencies and Savings

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Automated and efficient mobile workforce

Mobile workforce management can be made more efficient by consolidating information in a single management system, which also increases transparency at every level of the organization. A mobile workforce management system can be used by work coordinators, management, and other workers anywhere, anytime.

This guide offers in-depth information and practical examples that highlight how organizations can enhance their field workforce management with CGI Mobilog.

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Up to 80%
of work supervision can be automated
more direct customer work 

Key features

  • With CGI Mobilog, workforce resource management is smart and flexible based on accurate reporting and data-driven forecasting. Planning work shifts and responding to unintended changes also is simplified.
  • CGI Mobilog provides employees in the field with all essential work information via a user-friendly mobile application and enables them to report completed work in real time. Communication between employees and managers is secured and dynamic.
  • CGI Mobilog helps mobile employees reach their daily objectives more easily and transparently, making workforce management extremely efficient.

Key benefits

Supervisor benefits

  • Comprehensive view of all work tasks

  • Efficient work planning and assigning

  • Support for ensuring the right resources are in the right place and at the right time, arriving to their destination via the most optimal route

  • Less manual work

  • Automated customer invoicing

  • Decreased wage corrections, as wages are paid based on actual work performed

  • Accurate and real-time reports

Employee benefits

  • Access to all work information, regardless of time or location

  • Transparent and fair work schedules

  • Immediate reporting of work task and work hours

  • Automatic transfer of work data to other systems





Key use cases

Mobilog Workforce Management

Facility care

Digitalizing mobile workforce management

Facility care

Digitalizing mobile workforce management

Mobilog Home Health Care

Health care

Digitalizing mobile workforce management

Health care

Digitalizing home health care