Digitalizing home health care

The demand for home health care is growing dramatically, along with the need for more effective ways of providing home health care services. Patients require humane, safe and cost-effective care in their homes, while providers need to drive efficiencies and save costs.

CGI Mobilog Home Health Care is an easy-to-use work management solution for mobile home caregivers and a versatile planning tool for their managers. It enables caregivers to spend more time with their patients by enabling them to view and update patient data via a mobile phone from the patient’s home. It also enables managers to supervise the work of caregivers with a browser-based planning and reporting tool.

CGI Mobilog Home Health Care is the most used ERP system by Finnish home care organizations, with approximately 4,000 daily users, including home nurses and other caregivers, practical nurses and coordinators.



Optimizing home visits for higher quality care

With Mobilog, home care employees can set out directly for a visit in the morning and go directly home in the afternoon after visits. The time they need to spend in the office has significantly decreased, as have their driving times and distances. Mobilog also optimizes home visits based on defined healthcare priorities and, as a result, indirect work hours convert into direct hours spent with patients.

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  • Real-time assignment of work tasks, logging of work hours and reporting of actual time worked
  • Management of site-specific information to support the reporting of work performed
  • Up-to-date monitoring of work tasks at the team and individual level
  • Secure processing and storage of customer data, regardless of time and location
  • Easy-to-use mobile user interface
  • Improved patient care, with increased time spent on each patient