"Optimization through CGI’s Mobilog work management solution has freed up working time, especially in planning and transitions,” said Johanna Sinkkonen, Director of Home Living and Housing Services for the City of Järvenpää. “More time has been gained for what is most important—care work. At the same time, patient satisfaction has increased and well-being at work has improved.”

The city's home care services have approximately 330 patients, with 600 visits per day. According to Johanna, almost 60 percent of total working hours are direct work, reaching up to 70 percent in some areas.

"Good planning and work organization, combined with the tools introduced by CGI Mobilog, have optimized our services,” she added. “As a result, the city has gained significant savings over the last couple of years. In addition, the optimization has freed up a significant amount of human resources and reduced the risk of human error.”

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