Pursuing digitalization and efficient IT solutions have been key focus areas for facility services company ISS Finland in recent years. Ensuring effective integration services for a variety of systems is a central part of this overall effort, especially when there is a need to simplify and speed up business processes.

Since 2011, ISS Finland has used CGI Mobilog, a mobile workforce management solution that has made everyday life easier for ISS’s 4,000 field workers. CGI Mobilog’s integration capabilities enable staff work hours recorded in Mobilog to be transferred directly to the ISS payroll system, saving workers time and effort.

CGI Mobilog consists of a mobile application and a real-time browser dashboard, both of which make workforce planning and work order assignments more effective. ISS Finland work orders are transferred daily to Mobilog from another integrated system, and when mobile workers record their work hours in Mobilog at the end of the day, their hours are transferred back to the other system and ultimately integrated within the company’s automated payroll processes.

Currently, ISS Finland is increasing its number of Mobilog users as the solution is introduced in new business areas.

“We wanted to start using CGI Mobilog in other areas because of the efficiencies it delivers,” said ISS Finland Service Supervisor Antti Hämäläinen. “Even though deployment is still underway, we already are exceeding all of the goals we set at the beginning of this project, including financial goals. With Mobilog, it is possible to transfer work hours data directly into our payroll systems with the help of Mobilog’s built-in integration capabilities.” Antti Hämäläinen has been responsible for Mobilog deployments since the solution was first introduced in ISS Finland. Nowadays he also is responsible for training new Mobilog users.