Digitizing administrative documentation and process management is an important part of an organization’s digital transformation.

CGI eGov360 provides modular and customizable digital case and document management capabilities for public organizations, especially those handling sensitive data. This flexible solution can be implemented securely on-premises, in a private cloud, or using Microsoft 365.

CGI eGov360 digitalizes the creation, handling, archiving and publishing of information and documents, enabling leaner and faster processes, enhanced security and more responsive client service.

CGI eGov360 uses and extends Microsoft SharePoint and Office tools to provide a modern digital workplace tailored to user requirements and processes:

  • Improves operational efficiency and security: provides a full Microsoft Office-based toolset that is intuitive, flexible and allows security-focused organizations to retain control of crucial information
  • Supports Office 365, private cloud and on-premises hosting: can be deployed on-premises, as well as in private or public cloud architectures and supports Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Enhances scalability and performance: maximizes the performance and scalability of SharePoint by automatically distributing and balancing document and permission sets across a SharePoint farm
  • Offers military-grade security: extends SharePoint permissions with public and private metadata concepts allowing need-to-know (NtK) and need-to-share (NtS) models
  • Integrates with third-party applications: designed to integrate with third-party systems — from secure scanning and document classification to geospatial information systems and encryption gateways


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Flexible storage structure for documents, e-mails, appointments and announcements, as well as document management functions like versioning, task distribution and monitoring. E-Workspace modules are designed to help you easily collaborate and share across departments or organizational units.

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For each business transaction, store relevant information, including documents, e-mails and calendars to ensure all information can be found quickly in one place. In addition, create standardized workflows, trace administrative actions through automatic and manual versioning and create task lists and reusable templates.

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Store closed processes/cases as records, structure them according to a file plan and archive them securely. Record types can be created to reflect appropriate security levels and authorization, compliance standards, file structures and metadata.

Learn how CGI eGov360 has successfully helped our clients advance their digital journey.

Helping Bundeswehr comply with e-government law

Bundeswehr, the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, faced several challenges in switching to electronic file management to meet an e-government law, including:

  • Decentralized and highly complex organizational structures
  • Strict security and implementation requirements
  • Frequent changes in personnel
  • Competing information systems
  • Complex user context and task-specific information provision, based on need-to-know (NtK) and need-to-share (NtS) principles

Our experts created a solution for Bundeswehr based on CGI eGov360’s modular CGI Document Handling System, which has been used by NATO since 2007. As part of the project, the clients’ existing information systems were transferred to a central system spanning organizational areas and management levels. The transition to electronic file management complied with protection requirements, providing evidence of classified documents.

Harmonizing information systems

One of our military clients used multiple competing information systems, making harmonization a major challenge. Their requirements included,

  • Harmonization and migration of dislocated data
  • Compliance with the user-context and task-specific provision of information
  • Compliance with need-to-know (NtK) and need-to-share (NtS) principles

Our experts transferred the existing information systems to a central system spanning organizational areas and management levels. We introduced the modular CGI Document Handling System (CGI DHS), a document management system based on CGI eGov360 that had originally been established at NATO years earlier. As a result, our client achieved compliance with all requirements, including the need for protection and the obligation to provide evidence of classified documents.

Delivering a classified document management system

To manage classified content, an international organization required a secure document management system that enabled data exchange between internal and external legacy applications. Although data migration between the two systems proved to be a complex challenge, the eGov360-based solution delivered an interface that provided automated data exchange and empowered the client to perform the migration independently. In addition to delivering a secure and encrypted document management solution that leveraged Microsoft SharePoint 2016, CGI delivered customized training materials and on-site training for the client.

Whether your organization is in the process of a digital transformation or you’re getting started on converting to a proven, highly customizable digital case and document management solution, CGI eGov360 and our government experts can help.

We can tailor, adapt and expand the range of CGI eGov360 modules to meet the unique demands of your organization and drive your digital transformation. Contact us for more information.