End-to-end, high-performance management

Payment solutions play a critical role in the success of downstream retailers. Customers value the benefits they deliver, and innovative payment solutions are proven to significantly increase customer loyalty for retailers, generating significant profitable growth opportunities.

Fuel cards and other specialty payment cards have saturated the oil and gas market as preferred payment options, and the need for effective card payment processing has never been greater in the face of increasing competition, cost pressures, business complexity and compliance requirements.

CGI has been involved with the technology supporting card payments since it first emerged. We understand the challenges and requirements of effective card payment management and have an extensive track record of successfully executing card payment strategies, approaches and systems for major downstream retailers across the globe.

What we offer

CGI’s end-to-end card payment capabilities range from business consulting, to systems integration services, to business process services and IT outsourcing services. In the past, we’ve primarily delivered consulting and systems integration services, but clients are increasingly turning to CGI’s card payment managed services to reduce overhead and capital expenditures.

CGI PayPartner360

As a pioneer in card payment technology, CGI has developed its own industry-leading card payment system, CGI PayPartner360. The solution covers all of the major card payment functions, including issuing, acquiring, interchange, authorization, settlement, invoice/accounting, disputes/chargebacks and collections. It also handles customer account management and loyalty program administration. Key features include the following:

  • Flexible, modular design that enables clients to select from individual components based on their specific requirements
  • Delivered on a product license or SaaS basis
  • PCI/DSS certified SaaS service that is also fully scalable and can be integrated with other business process services provided by CGI such as reconciliation, settlement, call service and fulfillment
  • Supports multiple card types, including credit, debit, prepaid, gift, private label, affinity, co-branded, loyalty, fleet and more
  • Handles multi-time zone and multi-currency transactions
  • Supports two-way real-time interaction with point of sales, mobile devices, third parties and client ERP and CRM systems
  • Uses smart profiling techniques that allow dynamic updates on the fly
  • Rich fuel card capability, including three-way settlement, VAT invoicing and advanced transaction controls

The value we deliver

CGI’s card payment services and solutions deliver the following competitive advantages to downstream retailers across the globe:

  • Single processing environment
  • Single view of the customer
  • Real-time, accurate data
  • Increased control and manageability
  • Improved flexibility in pricing (fees and discounts) and credit/debit management
  • Ability to tailor payment offers on a pick and mix basis and to update these offers dynamically
  • Reduced costs, including call center, print, postage, bad debt/fraud, IT overheard and merchant/interchange fee costs
  • Faster time to market for new and updated payment products
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Why CGI?

CGI’s card payment experts work with companies worldwide to implement card payment solutions that deliver strategic results. Recent highlights of our work and capabilities include the following:

  • CGI provides the technology platform and underlying business processes for the global fuel card business of one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies.
  • We provide B2C card payment solutions for fuel retailers in 28 countries.
  • CGI systems process more than 1.5 billion fuel card transactions and manage in excess of $100 billion in fuel card payments globally per annum.