CGI Advantage® Collections

Collect more and collect faster—for less

Governments can increase revenues by improving all types of debt collections - including taxes, overpayments, fines, unpaid fees and other debts - without raising taxes.

CGI Advantage Collections is a built-for-government, integrated financial management and collections solution that enables:

  • Consolidation of multiple debt types into a single case
  • Cross-referencing when debtors are linked with multiple cases
  • Significant management control of workflow and actions including the ability to segregate accounts by location, dollars owed and risk of non-compliance
  • Automated correspondence, liens, garnishments and judgments
  • Ability to send letters at appropriate intervals
  • Taxpayer-initiated self-service payment agreements over the Internet or using a touch-tone telephone
  • Ability to sort cases in management-defined order of importance
  • Real-time "what if" answers about payment agreements, allowing collectors to easily negotiate with the taxpayer
  • Ticklers for timely follow-ups.

Combined with a benefits-funded contracting approach, the solution significantly increases debt collections while minimizing or even eliminating upfront investment before revenue increases are achieved. We have helped public sector clients recover $5 billion in additional revenues using this approach.

CGI Advantage Collections can be hosted by CGI or the client. Services include implementation assistance, ongoing maintenance, training and support, as well as providing collectors.

For more information, contact CGI at or 1-800-321-0267.