Transforming food management and distribution

Optimizing the quality, quantity and price of food products is the key challenge—and opportunity—for food service providers across the globe. The ultimate goal is to deliver the food products customers want—when and how they want them—better than the competition. Today, digitalization is driving opportunities to transform food management and distribution, and CGI is at the forefront.

CGI’s Aromi enterprise resource planning system manages all of a food service provider’s processes—from sales, to production, to delivery—enabling food service providers to improve their operations and address changing customer, regulatory and ecological requirements, all while focusing more attention on their core business.

Key Aromi features

  • Planning: Enables the effective planning of tasks, such as maintaining product information, preparing ingredient lists, managing recipes and menus, issuing work instructions, providing nutritional information, and conducting cost monitoring
  • Production: Manages all processes related to food production, including production planning and execution, distribution and storage, customer group and seasonal planning, while also minimizing waste through historical waste information and pre-ordering, and ensuring quality and efficiency through equipment and personnel scheduling
  • Procurement: Enables the effective purchasing and receipt of products, digitalizing procurement processes and integrating them with other related systems, such as invoicing, and checking delivered purchases for quality, quantity and price
  • Sales: Manages customer orders—for products, services and facility bookings—as well as products sold, invoices and customer feedback, interfacing with other systems such as invoicing and accounting systems
  • Self-monitoring: Enables monitoring of all processes at all points to quickly identify and resolve issues
  • Analytics: Provides an innovative tool for business intelligence management, enabling food service providers to turn data into valuable insight for improving their business

An agile, browser-based system, Aromi offers interfaces that enable the easy exchange of data with other systems, including internal and third-party platforms. Aromi is accessible via all mobile devices, and the entire Aromi platform can be hosted through CGI’s cloud service. CGI also offers Aromi as a Service, managing data management and system administration on behalf of clients.