Burlöv is the first municipality in Sweden to choose CGI Aromi to improve food quality, save resources and streamline administration. CGI Aromi, a market leader in Finland, is an innovative food service enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that uses real-time data to support efficient and sustainable food service processes.

Beginning August 2021, CGI Aromi will manage all municipal meals in Burlöv—from planning and preparation to delivery. Currently the municipality provides about 3,000 meals a day to preschools, schools, nursing homes and special housing units.

“We are really looking forward to having a new partner in food management. We have been looking for a modern food management system for a long time, but there has been no competition in the market until now,” says Ola Moberg, Burlöv's meal manager.

CGI Aromi is an intelligent modular solution that supports the entire food service delivery cycle in commercial kitchens, from menu planning, cooking and delivery to serving meals, invoicing and customer communication. The solution can, among other things, take into account allergies and special diets, calculate food waste and suggest raw materials according to the season. It also can calculate the carbon footprint of food through a collaboration with the Swedish state-owned research institute RISE.

“With CGI Aromi, we get a much better overview and will be able to save administration costs. It is also user-friendly and flexible. We look forward to being able to customize individual dishes and to offer menus with pictures—something we believe will stimulate the elderly's appetite. Our goal is to serve high-quality, nutritional food that is actually eaten. Eliminating food waste is something we work on a lot and it will also be easier to achieve with Aromi," says Ola.

“It is great that Burlöv municipality has chosen CGI Aromi. We offer a modern and flexible tool that will make meal planning and follow-up both easier and more efficient,” says Greger Wikstrand, Director of Consulting Services at CGI.

CGI will implement the following Aromi features: Food Production, Ingredient Purchasing, Meal and Product ordering, and eMenu, as well as the integration of Daba*. At a later stage, Burlöv municipality plans to add the Food waste management feature that calculates the carbon footprint of food.


* Industry independent article database that contains information on the food products that are available on the Swedish catering market.