Catering services dispose of about 25% of food annually, resulting in significant costs and environmental impacts. Reducing waste, cutting CO2 emissions, and balancing food production are key challenges facing the food services industry.

To help our clients and communities, we developed CGI Aromi, an enterprise resource planning solution that uses real-time data to improve food quality, save resources and streamline operations across the entire food service delivery life cycle. Among other features, the intelligent solution helps our clients incorporate seasonal products into recipe and menu design, forecast consumption to control food waste, and improve the overall diner experience.

CGI Aromi has supported the catering, healthcare and retail industries for more than 30 years. In Nordic countries alone, the solution supports the production of 180 million meals annually in schools, hospitals, service homes and offices.

Using real-time data to track, measure and reduce food waste

CGI Aromi’s food waste management module, CGI Waste Manager collects food waste data in real-time. A user-friendly interface allows food service providers to efficiently input accumulated food waste by type and use this data to create visual analyses on the amount of waste, its origins and causes.

In Finland, professional kitchens generate more than 80,000 tons of food waste annually. With CGI Waste Manager, food service providers have reduced their food waste by 50% and saved up to 9% in raw material costs.

Partnering to make a difference

With CGI Waste Manager, we’re helping several clients drive efficiencies, save costs and benefit the environment. In the first year of deploying CGI Waste Manager at one of their catering outlets, Salpaus Further Education, one of the largest vocational education providers in Finland reduced food waste costs by 59%. As a result, the application was deployed across all their outlets. For catering company Leijona Catering Oy (whose primary client is the Finnish Armed Forces) CGI Waste Manager reduced food waste by 36% within three months and biowaste by 10% in the first year of deployment at their first facility. Since then, the application has been rolled out in all their facilities.

At CGI, we are committed to working with our clients and communities to develop and implement robust sustainability solutions that are not just good for business but also good for our planet.