Decision makers from Canada’s leading healthcare organizations gathered at the Public Sector Network’s Healthcare Roadshow 2024 in five cities: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Halifax, and Ottawa. The event provided a platform to explore significant challenges and opportunities in today’s healthcare landscape. Industry leaders emphasized the need for transformative change to revolutionize patient-centric care in Canada.

In collaboration with CGI, the Healthcare Roadshow enabled leaders and experts to exchange insights on achieving true digital transformation. Key discussions focused on:

  • Transforming healthcare services for the digital era
  • Leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Addressing the needs of Canada’s aging population
  • Managing data proliferation safely
  • Tackling workforce and resource challenges

This year’s Healthcare Roadshow provided crucial insights into the current state of healthcare and the path forward. As the pace of change accelerates, embracing transformational change is both necessary and inevitable. The journey towards a new era of patient-centric care is underway, promising a brighter future for healthcare in Canada.

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