intelligent automation being used in a life sciences lab

Enabling virtual workforces with intelligent automation

Harnessing the power of automation to help healthcare providers focusing on higher priorities and direct patient care.

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Data explosie

Unlocking the value of health data for better outcomes

We partner with health care organizations to co-create data, analytics, machine learning and AI strategy to help drive organizational objectives and identify opportunities to achieve better outcomes.

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Equipe de direction Canada

Making the right connections with Health information system (HIS)

Our HIS centre of excellence provides end-to-end services to support our client’s HIS journey. Using a vendor agnostic approach, CGI helps hospitals achieve their goals while maximizing value.

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Health care professional

Our patient-centric approach to healthcare business consulting services

CGI offers an end-to-end approach for designing and executing on healthcare transformation – one that is centered on the patient experience and achieving patient outcomes.

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CGI is a leader in working with provincial health organizations, health regions, and hospitals to harness the power of technology to improve the quality of care, while at the same time managing costs and enhancing productivity. With over 5,000 health IT professionals globally, and 500 nationally, we are recognized as one of the largest consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing service providers in the Canadian healthcare sector.

We also live and work close to our clients. Immersed in local markets and political environments, CGI has subject matter experts for specific regional offerings who are well-versed in digital transformation and the human-political dynamics of large-scale healthcare service design.

At CGI, healthcare isn’t simply one of our areas of expertise. It’s personal. We all have a vested interest in seeing our healthcare systems perform better and in helping healthcare organizations turn their future vision into tangible patient outcomes.

Protect patients' privacy

Helping clients secure their cloud platform and protect patients’ data

Improve patient outcomes

Helping clients to embrace new ways of providing patient care, and find ways to connect seamlessly and virtually to patients and data.

Improve efficiencies & reduce costs

Improve Helping clients increase their use of new roadmaps, IT delivery models, automation and data analytics to reduce costs

Become a digital organization

Helping clients meet patient and health professional expectations, experience, and growing needs

Improve integration and interoperability

Helping clients to implement and integrate new system and solutions while ensuring no interruption to operations and patient care.