Electronic medical records

Improving clinical efficiency and outcomes

Health systems seek effective ways to serve more patients in less time, and improve the quality of care through better care coordination. These organizations are also moving to enhance the patient experience with faster, more accurate and less-invasive diagnoses. On the cost side, they want to avoid unnecessary procedures and re-admittances.

Central to achieving these objectives, and becoming a digital hospital, are electronic medical records (EMRs), also called electronic health records (EHRs) or electronic patient records. EMRs also are central to the wider health economy in public health, health information exchange, diagnostic image exchange and patient-centered care management.

As a leading EMR systems integrator, CGI has successfully delivered complex, large-scale programs in the world’s most advanced health economies. Our solutions support more than 230 hospitals and 200,000 users, improving clinical efficiency and patient safety for millions of people.

Given the diversity of systems using health information at the local, regional and national levels, CGI develops affordable EMR solutions (through open source, COTS, etc.) that are tailored to meet client needs and can integrate easily with other systems. Our technology-agnostic approach gives clients the flexibility to retain what works well, and replace what does not.

For health organizations seeking an affordable way to increase agility while preserving the value of existing systems, CGI's e-CareLogic offers a highly flexible portal and integrated care technology. It provides a clinical portal, a patient portal and integration between multiple systems including Electronic Patient Record/Patient Administration Systems and clinical packages.

CGI develops and delivers EMR solutions for:

CGI ECM solutions also help health systems to bridge the gap between existing paper-based health records management systems and their goals to achieve a completely electronic health record.

In Quebec, Canada, we help medical clinics leverage the benefits of implementing an EMR system.