Patient-centered care management

Advancing health beyond hospital walls

Among critical health challenges facing societies worldwide is the rising cost of disease due to aging populations⎯also called the “silver tsunami.” As a result, there is a growing desire to drive evidence-based best practices across populations to engage patients more effectively and to share patient-related care information across all stakeholder groups.

There is also a move to capitalize on the emerging consumerization trend in health to empower people, regardless of economic status, to take charge of their own health and reduce or eliminate hospital stays for chronic disease management. Such possibilities are becoming realities with CGI CommunityCare360.

CGI CommunityCare360 is an integrated, modular solution suite that enables patient-centric care. Its proven technology is used by more than 10,000 clinicians and mobile care workers. Modules are designed to:

  • Improve work order and work coordination
  • Bring together data and systems for home health monitoring, care planning, and workforce and ambulance dispatch, integrated with EMRs
  • Share data, voice and video seamlessly across the community care continuum. 

The solution also features a Patient Portal that is configurable in all languages, reducing barriers between care planners and patient populations, and a Mobile capability that supports Bring Your Own Device, extending care planning, work orders and order fulfillment reporting to a mobile workforce.

CGI’s citizen-centric health efforts also include:

  • Merlot Medi, a real-time system for emergency medical care that enables fast information sharing between hospitals and  at the scene of an accident, and supports more efficient emergency interventions. It was developed with direct input from medical care professionals to create a management and reporting system tailored specifically to their needs.
  • Working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to transform to make content more accessible and understandable through mobile-friendly design and a customer-centric approach.

CGI CommunityCare360 is a trademark of CGI Group Inc.