PAS® is a Web-based streamlined Production Accounting system designed by Production Accountants for Production Accountants. PAS® streamlines production accountants' tasks, minimizes errors, and addresses regulatory challenges, even in lean-staffed organizations.

PAS® calculates production volumes, sales volumes, royalties, revenues, facility charges (fees, overhead charges, etc.) and allocates to owners (DOI), purchasers, government agencies and other participants. With the evolving energy industry, accountants, and the systems they use must adapt to increased regulatory demands and asset acquisition/divestiture peaks. Automation is crucial in lean-staffed organizations to minimize errors and meet regulatory requirements.

The Benefits

  • Full integration with other CGI solutions and has flexible architecture to integrate with other applications.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure minimizes deployment and IT maintenance costs, accelerating implementation.
  • Advanced cybersecurity for data protection and business continuity.

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