Industry research and experience from CGI’s customer engagements show an ever-increasing need to leverage all available information to improve business results. 

In today’s business world, information management, business intelligence and analytics have become critical to compete and thrive. When well-implemented, these solutions can deliver competitive advantage to any organization in any industry. 

At CGI, we strongly believe that big data is a game changer, but will not replace the existing data warehouse and business intelligence concepts and capabilities. Big data provides us with the opportunity to open up the average one-size-fits-all enterprise data warehouse architecture to become more cost-effective as well as more aligned with business value.

This paper provides you with insights into our vision, approach and consulting service offerings in big data analytics in the retail and consumer services industry. It also demonstrates the potential business value and key challenges to overcome, illustrated with best practices from CGI client engagements in retail and consumer packaged goods. 

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