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Seven recommendations to help you prioritize digital investments while tackling near- and long-term uncertainty

Rut Meyersson Afrell
Rut Meyersson Afrell

Adopting circular business models in retail and consumer goods

August 2, 2022 Embracing a circular model is a complex process that requires innovation supported by continuous feedback and change management. But it works, and the benefits are numerous.

Jim Greene - Director, Consulting Services
Jim Greene

Retail trends: Inventory, AI, and the dog that caught the car

May 31, 2022 This blog shares retail technology trends gaining traction for enterprises hoping to gain a strong footing in the marketplace. The key theme is the importance of data collection, analysis and implementation.

CGI and Persefoni have teamed up to provide business and government clients with climate management and accounting technology, integrated data management, and consulting services to help with the fight against the global climate crisis.

Jean-Baptiste Branquart
Jean-Baptiste Branquart

Retail innovations to look out for and pitfalls to avoid

April 6, 2022 From avatars and non-fungible tokens to “no checkout” stores and in-store robots, Jean-Baptiste Branquart explores disruptive innovations in retail and shares recommendations for harnessing and monetizing the great ideas within your organization.

Jean-Baptiste Branquart
Jean-Baptiste Branquart

Trend-spotting: Quality of the customer experience will drive the future of retail

February 7, 2022 In the last two years, the retail industry has focused on fulfillment and rightly so. Since the onset of the pandemic, retailers have needed to find innovative ways to deliver goods while keeping customers and employees safe. Now the focus...

The global fashion retailer’s legacy systems were past end-of-life, with limited ability to meet new business demands. Our experts worked with the client to envision a cloud-based (SaaS), integrated, scalable solution built on standard components to support a marketplace and...