Enterprises increasingly use artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to enhance customer and user support, partly due to the rising demand for 24/7 service since the pandemic. 

AI-powered chatbots are helping customers, employees, and service agents navigate their digital experience across industries such as banking, communications, health, insurance, retail and consumer services, and the public sector.

CGI Virtual Service Agent rapidly develops chatbots and knowledge bots to support numerous use cases, including:

  • Improving the customer journey with a chatbot to assist customers in answering questions via chat or voice integration
  • Enhancing the agent experience with a chatbot used by agents to help answer questions about complex products
  • Speeding HR answers with a digital assistant to provide quick answers to employee questions about human resources policies 
  • Freeing up recruiters with a virtual assistant to give employees accurate answers about open positions 
  • Streamlining IT service management with a chatbot for IT service managers to handle service requests and resolve incidents 
  • Increasing the efficiency of enterprise applications by enabling business users to manage enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management applications through bots

Rapid deployment: 80% faster, 40% easier

The CGI Virtual Service Agent platform enables rapid deployment of both AI chatbots and knowledge bots with lifelong self-learning capabilities. These bots have been implemented 80% faster than with other platforms, and with 40% less effort in bot agent building and training, compared to human training.

How it works: Chat & knowledge bots

  • Chatbots help automate routine processes by integrating with IT and business applications. They answer questions based on pre-trained queries.
  • Knowledge bots explore a knowledge base to find the most relevant answers based on a user’s query, understanding the context of that query.

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CGI Virtual Service Agent modules

  • Self-Building Module: allows bot agents to be created automatically by the bots from human inputs (e.g., documents, knowledge bases, FAQs, and simple instructions)
  • Agent Builder Studio: used to design, test, publish and monitor bot agents in manual and auto mode with a low code environment 
  • Analytics Module: provides reports and visualizations
  • Human Hand-off Module: allows human agents to equally participate in the chat  
  • REST API Services: used to design, build, publish & monitor CGI Virtual Service Agent bots programmatically 
woman at laptop interacting with chatbot