Public safety and justice organizations partner with CGI to deploy innovative solutions using data, analytics, cybersecurity, cloud, IoT, mobility and more, to advance their missions in:

  • Crime prevention and community policing
  • Crime detection and analysis
  • Courts, prosecution and probation
  • Judicial administration
  • Border management
police officer
  • Designed, built and currently operate the Police National Database, serving all UK police forces with 2.5 billion+ records, supporting 4.6 million+ searches
  • Provide secure cloud infrastructure for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Work with the Quebec Ministry of Justice to enhance and manage records management

1.6+ million people participate in Burgernet community policing in the Netherland


30,000 users of frontline applications for UK Ministry of Justice


25,000+ athletes worldwide use the World Anti-Doping Agency mobile app developed by CGI