$13 billion
Worth of government property is tracked for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps


Centralized UK military health records


NATO staff in 20 countries use our document handling system


CGI has earned a reputation for solving technically complex challenges in electronic warfare, C4ISR, acquisitions and training, as well as cybersecurity, secure hosting, cloud computing and systems integration. For example

  • 180,000+ military personnel in the German armed forces are supported through modernization and harmonization of their entire command and control service environment.

  • 200,000+ security clearance applications each year will be managed by the UK National Security Vetting Solution.

  • The Canadian Department of National Defence has received focused expertise in C4ISR, defense architectures, information security.

Defense executives interviewed in our CGI Client Global Insights indicated the following areas for innovation will see the greatest investment over the next 3 years:




IT modernization and cloud
Data and predictive analytics