Doing complex things well

We deliver complex, mission-critical transformation programs. We work with UK Government to continue to keep the critical national infrastructure running, whilst delivering efficient, strong public services to support economic growth. We are proud to support local economies across the UK, because we live where we work.




Old Bailey London - Justice

We're trusted to make responding to jury service simpler and quicker. Working with HMCTS we launched a digital service to improve the juror summoning process in England and Wales.

Person in hi-vis jacket and hard hat uses a tablet device next to a pile of logs

We are supporting Forestry England through developing the eTimber platform, enabling sustainable usage of natural resources and the responsible preservation of woodlands across England.

shoal of fish in the ocean

We are supporting the UK Government £20M pledge to establish the Blue Belt Programme protecting vital marine habitats around the UK’s 14 Overseas Territories. 

Aerial view of city

We're trusted to provide data on valued community spaces in Wales with a digital first solution that allows customers to access geospatially accurate data on Common Land, Town and Village Greens.

Pile of tree trunks lying on the forest floor

We developed a solution in partnership with the Forestry Commission to assist with regulatory oversight and licenses for tree felling across England.

Person walking alongside bicycle in cityscape

We're helping the Welsh government promote healthy and sustainable travel in Wales. The Active Travel web based smart community platform aims to promote walking and cycling the preferred ways of getting around over shorter distances.

Our experts work with clients and industry experts to develop and deliver insights that help our clients to build strategies, and deliver services and solutions that achieve tangible outcomes.