For over 20 years, CGI has been at the forefront of helping the UK Justice system to adopt new technology and employ modern ways of working to transform the way justice is administered across the nation.


A trusted partnership

We continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to helping the Justice system deliver core, critical services, regardless of the current challenging times we all find ourselves in. 

More important than ever, this enduring partnership ensures UK Justice is constantly improving its services and taking advantage of, and keeping pace with, a rapidly changing world. 

Our contribution to the working of the UK’s criminal justice system is significant. Case management is at the very heart of the system, we developed the first case management system nearly 20 years ago, and our experts continue to develop, deploy and maintain these systems enabling courts and prisons to operate effectively and efficiently today.

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Together, we are helping to build a modern justice system

With 70,000 front-line users relying on our systems, these citizen-facing digital services are designed around the public who need them; cloud integration, workforce collaboration tools, and managed IT services all create a more responsive system with the added benefit of generating savings for the taxpayer.

With our deep domain expertise, we continue to enhance citizens’ services online and increase the efficiency of justice agencies dealing with complex, sensitive and high-profile legal cases.  Every day, more than 10,000 new cases and 3,000 new claims are processed online; this electronic access to, and submission of case information is rapidly and securely driving UK Justice digitisation.


Committed to supporting Justice and court reform

Despite the current crisis, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to supporting Justice and court reform and the implementation of the vision to,

“modernise and upgrade the justice system so that it works even better for everyone, from judges and legal professionals, to witnesses, litigants, and the vulnerable victims of crime”.

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Reply to Jury Summons

HMCTS has launched a new digital service to improve the juror summoning process in England and Wales. This will transform the way citizens respond to their summons for jury service. Read more

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CPS Witness Management System

The Witness Management System (WMS) enables information sharing between the two agencies and enhances the support given to witnesses to enable them to give evidence at trial. Read more

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Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) deals with over one million prosecution and pre-charge decision cases. Witnesses and victims are vital to successful prosecutions, therefore the CPS has an objective to improve services and promote confidence in the judicial system. Read more