The nature of crime is changing, making it more difficult than ever before for public safety and law enforcement agencies to safeguard the vulnerable in our society.

21st Century crime is becoming increasingly diverse and complex as technology evolves. More than half of recorded crime occurs on the internet. And crime today is global: digital criminals can move seamlessly across borders, while police services are still organised for a world with local and national frontiers.

For over 40 years we have working at the heart of UK public safety and law enforcement, driving innovation to help police services meet the challenges of 21st century crime. We have a unique capability, born of the expertise of our people and our experience working across the criminal justice system.

CGI enables the UK’s public safety law enforcement agencies to connect the dots in the fight against crime.

We're supporting over 30,000 staff and external users of UK MoJ front line applications
CGI designed, built and operate the Police National Database, serving all UK police forces to connect 4.2 billion intelligence records
15m defendants have been prosecuted with technology provided by CGI