An experienced lead to manage an expansive ecosystem of partners with different capabilities and needs


An easier way to access a broad and more agile pool of talent and meet SME targets


Reduce time and budget needed to manage a complex supply chain

At CGI, we know that not only many hands make light work, but working in unison with other suppliers, great or small, is more likely to deliver the best outcomes to government, and brings breadth and depth of both capability and capacity.

Central Government trusts us to lead some of the largest and most complex supplier ecosystems because we have the experience, capability and humility to integrate other businesses seamlessly.

We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting SMEs and provide opportunities with existing clients for trusted partners to add value to government projects in a safe and controlled environment for all parties.

Our unique ecosystem approach


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Bringing SMEs into the fold

Undoubtedly, SMEs bring cutting edge innovation, fresh talent and agility to public sector projects. In turn, public procurement can help them to grow, making a significant contribution to levelling up Great Britain and increasing training opportunities around the country.

An SME ecosystem, with CGI at the helm, makes it easier for central government clients to access a wider talent pool, taking away the complexity of managing multiple smaller partners, while making government projects more easily accessible to small businesses who require a more flexible approach to suit their ability to scale.

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Webinar: SME Ecosystems - Strengthen and simplify your IT supply chain

Many central government organisations are experiencing the benefits of widening their access to the UK talent pool through working with SMEs. However, with the government mandate to award 30% of its’ spend to SMEs, supply-chain management can be a minefield for departments in terms of project consistency, flexibility and agility, and financial management. And, contracting directly with government can be risky business for SMEs too. 

Did you know, you can expand the diversity of your supplier base without adding cost and complexity to your supplier management function?

Watch our recent webinar to discover how effective ecosystems can benefit Central Government.






“As an SME, BrightBox welcomes the opportunity to work with large-scale technology services companies. CGI has been a shining example of how to embrace SMEs in their partner eco-system and they know how to get the best from a collection of specialist SMEs to deliver leading-edge value to their clients. They are a pleasure to work with.” - Stuart Houghton, Chief Executive Officer, BrightBox Group



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