Unlock the power of your data

CGI OpenGrid Insights is a powerful decision support tool that helps utilities analyze a myriad of data and gain critical insights to support important business decisions. Our solution helps collect data in real time from various applications, and organize and categorize the data, which can then be used in predefined analytical models to provide meaningful operational insights.

Typical challenges

  • Inability to effectively connect multiple sources of data from physical assets, processes and systems
  • Inability to create meaningful context from data and gain insights from current operations
  • Missed opportunity to make better and faster decisions based on multiples sources of data
  • Shrinking revenues, regulatory pressures and higher customer expectations for visibility
  • Need to identify new opportunities for risk, cost, and performance optimization

Our solution differentiators

  • Designed for end-to-end asset management optimization
  • Seamless integration with the CGI OpenGrid360 suite
  • Ability to capture and gather data from manual, automatic and integration sources
  • Integration with third-party business intelligence (BI) tools
  • Data as a service for easy data sharing with customers and partners

How we deliver

  • Project-based delivery: Contract, Design, Development and Implementation
  • Onsite, onshore and offshore implementation options available