Use your IT budget to drive your business

You could be spending up to 80 per cent of your applications budget on maintenance. Reduce these costs by a third with our Application Portfolio Management Framework (APMF).

To remain competitive, your business needs to make room for new ways of working, while making best use of your budget. This means improving the efficiency of your existing applications — reducing the costs of maintenance and making your businesses more flexible.

Our APMF makes it easier for you to achieve your business goals, helping you to:

  • improve application quality and performance
  • cut the costs of managing and maintaining your applications
  • pursue new business opportunities with a flexible portfolio.

We tackle the issue of ageing and redundant systems head on, helping you understand which of your business processes — and the applications that serve them — still have business value. We then work with you to develop a comprehensive roadmap, guiding you toward a more manageable application portfolio.

CGI’s APMF approach

Our Application Portfolio Management experts work with you to assess your applications and develop metrics to measure their performance against your business and technology objectives. We then recommend whether applications should be modernised, re-platformed, migrated, decommissioned, consolidated or replaced.

Working to optimise your application portfolio, we concentrate our APMF solution on identifying issues and improving performance.

Identifying the issues

  • Risk landscape assessments — helping you identify your business risks.
  • Business capabilities and value assessments — developing your understanding of what you want to achieve with IT.
  • Application estate discovery — identifying the systems and processes you use.

Improving performance

  • Application metrics development — creating ways for you to measure application performance.
  • Application rationalisation — reducing the number and complexity of your existing applications and systems.
  • Application transformation roadmaps — helping you work out how to get to a new, optimised portfolio estate.

Why CGI?

We bring over 40 years of IT-optimisation experience to our application management and digital transformation services. Our APMF gives you a way to manage your applications and achieve your business goals.

  • Our APMF toolkit speeds up the process of delivering APM services, as well as reducing both the cost and effort needed.
  • Our APM services reduce application maintenance by almost a third.
  • We provide both on-shore and off-shore service models — with more than 80 application experts located around the world, working locally with you.

Contact us to find out more about how our Applications Portfolio Management Framework can transform your business.