To beat climate change and reach Net Zero targets, private and public organisations need to focus on data and build an actionable game plan.

Whether you are just starting out on your Net Zero journey, or want to take your sustainability strategy to the next level, time to get clarity on what all of...

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the subject of countless forecasts that predict exponential growth of devices and data generated. What has been missing is the “so what?” and...

How IoT can create a sustainable future for water

Graham Hainsworth
Graham Hainsworth

For over 30 years, CGI has been leading innovation in the water sector and is currently pioneering the Internet of Things (IoT) smart technology for water companies. As water shortages...

Ofwat’s innovation fund for the water sector: a new way of thinking will create new results

Stuart Brand
Stuart Brand

Stuart Brand explores innovation in the water industry and introduces the latest report exploring how water companies can harness Ofwat’s £200 million innovation fund to transform the sector.

The future of Energy Services: time for a step-change in data use for customer experience

Mark Thompson

The future of Energy Services is packed with new technology and constant digital innovation with use of data at the heart of the customer experience. Undoubtedly, Systems Integrators (SIs) have...

5G at the time of COVID-19: the real challenges and opportunities

Noemi de Hevia Mendez

Before COVID-19, 5G was a priority not only for most mobile network operators but also for government and industry. Now, the pandemic will inevitably impact 5G deployment plans and present...

COVID-19: Alleviating payment burden on customers while maintaining cash flow

Alan Griffiths
Alan Griffiths

The country’s lock down is creating loss of business, income and jobs for many, translating into the inability – or fear of – keeping up with payments. So how can...