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Alan Nunn
Alan Nunn

Deploying fibre – how fast can you go?

10 May 2021 CGI's Communications expert Alan Nunn discusses the challenges of the UK's fibre roll-out in his latest blog

Dr Martin Brown
Dr Martin Brown

10m Smart Meters: the role of the Data Service Provider in transforming Britain’s energy system

16 February 2021 The Data Communications Company (DCC has recently announced the installation of the ten-millionth smart meter onto the secure national network. As the Data Service Provider (DSP) for the Smart Metering Implementation Programme, we reflect on our role in achieving this...

CGI, alongside partner Hydro-Québec, is partnering with UK Power Networks to introduce the Intelligent Maintenance of Electric LineS (MILES) network fault location solution to the UK

CGI and fintech partner Ordo help PFP Energy make communities better

Mark Thompson

Data access and user experience: key success factors to reach net zero objectives

25 January 2021 Data and technology can play a fundamental role in the challenging journey towards net zero, as discovered by a CGI survey ahead of last year’s NWG Innovation Festival design sprint.

Rich Hampshire
Rich Hampshire

A game changer for net zero: Climate-related Financial Disclosures

14 January 2021 Nothing happens without investment. The Climate Related Financial Disclosure will ensure that ‘doing the right thing’ to fight climate change is no longer a trade-off but the right thing to do economically.