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Data and digitalisation requirements for the energy transition: insights from an industry working group

A new white paper on the application of cyber best practice to derive confidence and assurance in Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

“Connect to Innovate” is a new white paper on the opportunities and challenges for transformation in the UK water sector, leveraging emerging technologies and data insights.

Three organisational capabilities industry leaders will need to help navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19

Can water companies harness Ofwat’s £200 million innovation fund to transform the sector? Read the exclusive research report by Utility Week in collaboration with CGI.

The energy system must deal with new market dynamics, such as the rise of renewable energy, new and changing regulatory requirements, and evolving customer demands and expectations.

A thought leadership paper from CGI and New Power. Britain’s electricity system is in transition, but flexibility still largely comes from dispatchable thermal generation. As that is replaced by inflexible, intermittent renewables, alternate sources of flexibility must be established.

The introduction of smart technology could be a real game-changer for water companies and water customers alike. Smart technology presents unprecedented opportunities: to deliver efficiencies in the operation of networks; to improve customer service levels; and to reduce water bills...

‘Embracing Flexibility’ identifies greater differences in how the sector perceives what has become known as the ‘smart, flexible energy system’, its challenges and benefits.