We've partnered with Utility Week to launch a major new initiative, the Flexibility Forum, designed to support momentum and ambition in tackling barriers to the development of vibrant markets for distributed flexibility.

The forum will provide an opportunity for stakeholders across the energy and utility sector to come together and explore their varying interests, as well as sharing opinions and ideas on necessary action to address market failures and overcome barriers to establishing well-functioning markets.

To mark the launch of this initiative, Utility Week in association with CGI has released a new report entitled “Demand side flexibility: The state of play” where Utility Week asked members of the recently established Flexibility Forum why, despite the introduction of the Demand Flexibility Service in winter 2022/23, recognised barriers to market development are taking so long to break down.

Commenting on the creation of the Utility Week Flexibility Forum:-

CGI’s Vice President Consulting Expert in digital utilities, Rich Hampshire says: “Ofgem’s Call for Input on the Future of Distributed Flexibility has the opportunity to build on the insights from innovation projects such as the TEF projects (TRANSITION, EFFS and FUSION) funded through their own Network Innovation Competition, as well as experience from other markets.  By using its reach across the sector to create the Flexibility Forum and secure the participation of senior actors from across the entire electricity value chain, Utility Week has created a platform to surface and explore the challenges in establishing fair, well-functioning markets for flexibility services – markets that enable whole-system price discovery and, ultimately, empower consumers.”


Jane Gray, Content Director at Utility Week says: “Utility Week is extremely excited to launch its new Flexibility Forum in association with CGI. Demand side flexibility markets will play a pivotal role in the creation of a sustainable, net zero carbon energy system in GB and these markets are now at a crucial stage in their development. It is our hope that the Utility Week Flexibility Forum will create and sustain momentum in tackling barriers to growth in energy flexibility and the delivery of value to consumers. We look forward to working with CGI throughout 2024 and beyond to provide an independent platform for flexibility market stakeholders to air their views, concerns and ambitions and communicate these through dedicated content.”




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Demand side flexibility: The state of play

Download all reports and outcomes from the Energy Flexibility Forum sessions.