DynamoCGI is delighted to be partnering with North-East based tech network, Dynamo, to run a ‘Design Thinking Automation Bootcamp’ for businesses to explore the challenge of how and when to automate effectively.

The virtual bootcamp will incorporate four sessions over three months, between 3 December 2020 and 25 February 2021. Participants will largely be SMEs from in and around the North East region, but medium and larger sized organisations will also have the opportunity to take part.

CGI’s role will be to guide participants through the design thinking methodology of problem discovery, build, measure and learn in order to help them to recognise their individual process problems, identify where automation can be effective and create process workflows. The sessions will also enable organisations to understand what data to include in a business case for internal investment, and how to evaluate the outcomes.

Mark Thompson, CGI UK Director Consulting Services for CGI for the North East, said:

“Events such as this provide an excellent forum for organisations to collaborate together, learn and build knowledge. CGI is looking forward to the programme and the chance to be a part of the further development of automation expertise in the North East.”

Read the official press release for more information about the Design Thinking Bootcamp and CGI’s involvement.

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