Utilities must balance transforming their business while providing reliable service

Disruption due to increasing natural disasters, changing consumption patterns, and growing regulatory compliance adds to the challenges utilities already face with consumer renewables and energy efficiency practices evolving traditional business models.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Rising costs and risks to maintain enterprise technology
  • Increasing complex security and regulatory requirements
  • Staffing challenges or pending retirements
  • Agility constraints with current legacy systems
  • Cyclical enterprise system upgrades hinder innovation

Balancing pressures to get more out of assets, streamline processes and reduce costs while maintaining mission-critical services is complex, costly and can distract utilities from their core business.

How can utilities ensure successful operations in the future?

Increase the speed of change

Evolving industry challenges are motivating utilities to adopt cloud technology and a managed services approach to reinvent their enterprise network operations. CGI helps utilities apply best practices to manage these complex environments while balancing the necessary speed of change to transform how they do business. Our CGI OpenGrid Cloud solution offers utilities a cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) service model with an accelerated path to build and deploy EAM solutions that fully exploit the advantages of the cloud.