CGI OpenGrid360 is an innovative suite of solutions and services designed to improve your data insight and accelerate innovation to meet the evolving demands of the new energy system. It supports the complete network value chain from asset to outage ...
The energy transition and rapid growth of renewable energy sources have created a pressing need for new services, flexibility and real-time information to support efficient market operations. Using our Central Market Solutions (CMS), CGI designs and builds innovative energy market ...

60 /100  utilities in North America  use CGI’s workforce  management systems

~6,000 CGI consultants are helping utilities around the world drive profitable growth

53 million smart gas and electricity meters in Britain will communicate through CGI systems

CGI partners with water and waste management providers across the globe to deliver competitive advantages:

  • Increased network efficiencies and reduced leakage levels
  • Consumption saving measures
  • Asset life cycle value and performance optimization
  • Cost effective replacement and/or optimization of legacy systems
  • Superior workforce management
  • Improved monitoring and control of assets
  • Customer service excellence and increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs (operational and cost-to-serve)


water utilities