Looking beyond the physical world

At CGI, we help clients discover, evaluate, augment, connect, secure and integrate key data to create a new augmented reality (AR) that helps them to imagine, rethink and build. We combine AR with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, video analytics and digital twins. Our solutions help to curate and understand data, unlocking the full potential of a client’s data and employees.

Through our services, clients gain a more in-depth understanding of AR systems and harness the benefits of real-world AR applications, including:

  • Improved safety, quality and operational efficiency
  • Faster training
  • Better collaboration
  • Higher employee and customer satisfaction

Using augmented reality and precision data to build a future smart city

To enable the world’s largest city relocation, the City of Kiruna needed an innovative approach. City management formed the Kiruna Sustainability Center (KSC) to develop and test new ideas for sustainable solutions.

CGI approached the KSC with the concept of using augmented reality and precision data to build a digital map of the city’s current and future underground infrastructures.

CGI invested in a proof-of-concept called Hidden City. With the city on board, CGI technology experts used GPS-enabled data sources and augmented reality to map the city’s existing underground infrastructure and envision its future infrastructure, avoiding expensive excavations, service disruptions and other related costs associated with traditional relocation efforts.

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How CGI supports a client’s augmented reality journey

  • Augmented reality insight meeting - Understand and experience AR, including its potential and value drivers

  • Augmented reality vision workshop - Explore, identify and prioritize AR use cases, including guidance on technology, hardware and platforms

  • Augmented reality proof of concept - Validate the use case and provide a high-level design and a minimally viable prototype with a design sprint

  • Augmented reality data transformation and migration - Discover, map, augment, transform, migrate and secure the critical data for your AR solution

  • Augmented reality product build - Design, develop and test a fully integrated, production-ready augmented reality application, including hardware configuration

  • Augmented reality re-platforming - Re-platform an existing augmented solution to a quality-assured platform and hardware independent solution using best practices

Find out how CGI can help you discover and realize the true potential and value of AR.