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Technology has become a key enabler for new work practices that promise to shape the future of work for years to come.

CGI’s Tech Futures series examines technologies on the leading edge of research to give you an early awareness of the further-out technologies of tomorrow, allowing you to think about them today, grasp their potential impact and envision their eventual application.

The whitepaper describes CGI’s two-part approach for accomplishing this: replatforming existing applications from bare-metal or virtual machines to containerized target environments and gradually eliminating huge monolithic applications by rebuilding their functionality as native cloud services.

Venkat Kodumudi
Venkat Kodumudi

How blockchain, CRM and trade finance are transforming supply chain management

March 11, 2020 There’s an odd expression that is used when there is, perhaps, shocking news or a sudden realization. A person might say that “it hit them like a Mack truck.” Often times, this figurative phrase has a negative connotation, but in...

Birgit Blumberg
Birgit Blumberg

Six steps for effective human-centered design

January 7, 2020 The world is evolving rapidly, and the pace of change is increasing. Organizations are under pressure to transform as their leaders, customers, citizens and other stakeholders demand more. They face many challenges—building long-term relationships with customers, delivering competitive products and...

Philip van Sickel - CGI Exprets -Emerging Technologies
Philip van Sickel

Outsourcing considerations for the lean agile enterprise

August 13, 2019 Organizations considering a lean agile transformation at scale need to be prepared to rethink their outsourcing strategy to increase its effectiveness. raditional portfolio management is based on projects. Projects have a ramp up period to form the team, an execution...

DevOps brings together the worlds of business, application development, operations, quality and security―enabling a paradigm shift in the software lifecycle to meet new digital demands. Effective DevOps requires a combination of metrics-driven cultural transformation, agile processes and architecture, integrated tool...