CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) 2 asset management solution provides utilities with the capability to manage the entire life cycle of assets as an integrated and continuous process to increase operational performance and profitability.
Demand response is not a new concept. The balance of supply and demand is essential for any market and demand response (DR) has provided a method for reducing demand in the electrical grid at points (and times) where supply is ...

53 million smart gas and electricity meters in the UK are being rolled out by CGI
60 /100  utilities in North America  use CGI’s workforce  management systems
450+ electric, water and gas clients across Europe and North America partner with CGI

End-to-end services

CGI offers a full suite of services and solutions for downstream gas clients that cover all aspects of their operations—from production and distribution to retail. We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, as they move to more customer-centric business models and seek to achieve operational excellence in the digital age.

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