53 million
smart gas and electricity meters in Britain will
communicate through CGI systems
utilities in North America use CGI’s workforce  
management systems
electric, water and gas clients across 4 continents
partner with CGI

The value we deliver

  • Lower operational costs and cost to serve
  • Agile development of innovative business solutions
  • Cost-effective modernization of legacy systems
  • Efficient and productive mobile workforce management
  • Data driven monitoring and control of assets
  • Asset life cycle value and performance optimization
  • Customer service excellence and increased customer satisfaction
Downstream Gas


End-to-end services

CGI works across the entire value chain of a utility, from production/generation and transmission and distribution operators to utility suppliers and central market operators. We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, providing industry-focused consulting, systems integration and managed services, accelerated by intellectual property, to help them navigate the energy transition and remain competitive.

CGI-developed software and methodologies

Central market operators

CGI Central Market Solutions

Energy retail companies/Renewable energy producers
Grid operators

Services and Technologies

Technology innovation