Supporting digitization of the energy transition

The move to a low-carbon economy, deregulated market structures and increasing customer expectations are driving utilities to embrace new digitally-enabled business models and place consumers at the heart of their business. Central Market Solutions, which are primarily data platforms to exchange all types of data and support central market facilitation play a key role in this new energy system.

CGI’s Central Market Solutions (CMS) and approach helps clients meet the needs of this rapidly-evolving energy market and embrace the digital transition to new business models. CMS provides a secure and high-performing process and data management framework for operating central markets. It provides all the necessary functions to:

  • Operate market codes
  • Administer both market and administrative data
  • Perform volume and financial settlement calculations

Features of CMS

Handle market processes for distribution system operators (DSOs): Multi-tenant platform handles market processes automatically in near real time and registers master data changes as a “single truth”

Data model and process flexibility: Highly flexible data model supports different market models, combined with configurable market processes

Real-time insight into meter data quality: Real-time settlement insight eliminates the need for batch processing of large volumes of data to determine what is missing

Open interfaces: Open standards easily interface with external market parties as well as internal systems

Thin head-end, independent of meter manufacturer: Proven, strategic thin head-end solution supports new meters and protocols

Monitor and control the smart meter network: Handles all events and alarms from smart meter gateways and optimizes control of the distribution network

Benefits of CMS

Scalability: CMS components are designed to be scalable (horizontally and vertically), while providing the required throughput response times. Cloud services provide further scalability options.

Flexibility: Data center deployments, be it cloud, local cloud or on premise can be mixed and matched according to the needs of the business. Cloud provides maximum flexibility in environment deployment and scalability and is ideal for market testing and certification purposes. In addition, on premise or local cloud provides maximum data protection for production data.

Performance: CMS employs high performance, in memory database technology to manage and process high volumes of metering data, and ensure maximum capability and real-time insight, while reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Open technologies: CMS 2.0 reduces the dependence on proprietary technologies and advances open standards such as Open Data, Java and ANSI SQL to maximize integration with existing environments.

Privacy and security: Data privacy and security are key principles in the design of CMS. Data encryption, handling of sensitive data and GDPR compliance are standard features, along with highly granular authorization management and full traceability of user actions.

Benefits of CMS

Why CGI?

  • 500+ committed CMS experts worldwide with deep energy market knowledge
  • 20+ years supporting energy liberalization
  • CGI has designed, built or maintains 14 central market systems in 10 countries around the world.
  • 10 CMS teams of experts in a global network
  • Strong local prese​nce with 400 proximity-based business units and project offices located across our global footprint
  • Proven methodology to execute transition programs and deliver complex projects and service management