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The new market means that 1.2 million business customers, from the smallest charities to the largest public authorities, are now able to choose their retailer of water and wastewater services. As well as being able to choose the best deal...

The energy system must deal with new market dynamics, such as the rise of renewable energy, new and changing regulatory requirements, and evolving customer demands and expectations.

CGI’s CMS is a secure, modular solution that provides equal access to data to encourage a level playing field and enforce effective competition in the energy market.

The energy transition, electrification and rapid growth of renewable distributed energy sources have created a pressing need for new services, flexibility and real-time information to support efficient market operations.

While energy markets have been changing for a long time, the impact of this transition on market roles is now more evident than ever before. This white paper discusses how the changing role of markets is driven by new technology...

Mattijs van den Hoed
Mattijs van den Hoed

European cooperation on flexibility to accelerate the energy transition

December 3, 2019 In September, clients from around Europe participated in a roundtable discussion on energy flexibility. It was an open exchange about the varied drivers for energy flexibility in different geographies, and how each operator is addressing the challenges.

Mattijs van den Hoed
Mattijs van den Hoed

Heading toward a data bright future: key takeaways from the 8th CGI Central Market Debate

October 15, 2019 The 8th CGI Central Market Debate, attended by 50+ global industry experts, influencers and executives from across Europe, raised many such thought-provoking questions and discussions on trends, technologies and implementation approaches in the energy market.