efluidMC Client Management and Billing Software Package 

efluidMC is an integrated client management software package dedicated to the utilities sector:

  • Designed for energy suppliers and distributors through a split-vision business and technical offering
  • Multi-fluid (electric, gas, water and urban heating products)
  • Multi-operational (cable television, service contracts and Internet)
  • Covers all client segments (industrial, professional and individual)
  • Offers front and back office functions
  • Enables client and supplier management through call centers, portfolios or online agencies
  • Multilingual* and multi-currency
  • Multi-business
  • Multi-concessions

efluidMC offers a wide array of functional modules: contract, CMR, business tracking, relief/consumption, intervention, billing, estimation/ordering, financial operations, recovery (including disputed), accounting interface, sustainable development, and flow reconstitution.

Built on a Java EE architecture and based on leading industry standards (e.g., Oracle database technology), efluidMC offers advanced parameterization functions enabling customization for every business user.

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efluidMC is a trademark of UEM and is used under license by CGI