Building secure, trusted and efficient networks and value chains with blockchain

Key drivers behind the development and evolution of blockchain solutions include technology innovation, consumer/citizen expectations and privacy concerns. CGI helps clients use blockchain technology to build next-generation, secure and efficient business networks and value chains. With blockchain, clients can become future proof and increase the trust of their customers and citizens.

In working with clients, we bring together diverse teams—end users, business owners, and industry/technology experts—to develop blockchain-enabled services that meet the expectations of users, align with business objectives and satisfy technology requirements. We also enable close collaboration and enhanced trust across extended ecosystems and increase the velocity of technology implementation and business change.

From paper to blockchain: Transforming trade finance

Trade finance is complicated and paper-intensive, which can result in delayed buyer and seller transactions. The Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and National Bank of Canada partnered with CGI to integrate Trade360 with Skuchain’s blockchain platform to solve the paper bottleneck.

The project led to groundbreaking interoperability and an end-to-end, purchase-to-pay solution that eliminates paper, time and effort, while increasing transparency, security, and working capital efficiency.

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Envision new ways for using blockchain

  • Blockchain education program - Conduct a set of education programs on blockchain
  • Blockchain industry use case builder - Facilitate a process that helps you develop a structured use case
  • Blockchain sprint - Develop your structured use case into a testable solution that demonstrates value
  • Blockchain production and scale - Develop business critical services required to manage a blockchain solution
  • Blockchain ecosystem integration - Manage and integrate across network partners to ensure the blockchain solution’s operational effectiveness