Reimagining the experience

Experience involves analyzing how a user (customer/citizen or employee) interacts with every part of an organization. This requires evaluating all interactions, online or otherwise.

CGI helps clients understand user (customer/employee) needs, pains and gains and work together with diverse teams—end users, business owners, industry experts, designers, and technology experts—to create services that are desirable for users, viable for the business, and technologically feasible.

Our experts enable our clients to drive experience transformation by generating ideas and concepts, prototypes and designs, storyboards, and minimal viable products, with the aim to deliver continuous innovation and improvement.

Transforming into a ‘digital lifestyle provider’ through omni-channel retailing

With roughly 600 brick-and-mortar stores, mobilcom-debitel is embracing digitalization to transform its business model. Ultimately, its vision is to become a “digital lifestyle provider”—creating a digital lifestyle for its customers that improves their quality and enjoyment of life.

CGI developed a cross-channel e-commerce platform in just six months. The platform offers a wide range of cross-channel features, enabling customers to order the same products from each channel and even initiate a sale in one channel while completing it in another.

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How we support a client’s experience journey

  • Experience future vision workshop - Define ambition, desired reputation and customer value
  • Experience new business ideas workshop - Develop innovative ideas through a structured process
  • Experience service sprint - Participate in a five-day workshop to conceive an idea, design a concept and build a prototype
  • Refer to cloud native - Build a minimal viable product that can be tested with a customer focus group
  • Experience growth hacking - Continue to scale and learn from insights, adapting and improving the solution to deliver greater value

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