Whether you seek to use AI to innovate business models or optimise operations, we offer four AI imperatives for action, moving from envision to exploration to engineering and expansion. We help clients set their AI strategy, explore ROI-led use cases, build future-fit and adaptive foundations, and scale to accelerate value and trusted outcomes.

CGI 4 Es of AI infographic

Set your AI vision

  • AI Strategy & Roadmap
  • AI Maturity Assessment
  • Responsible AI (RAI) Principles & Framework
  • Risk & Compliance Management

Evaluate ROI-led use cases

  • AI Use Case
  • Ideation & Assessment
  • Discovery, Innovation & Design Sprint
  • AI Proof of Concept
  • AI-powered solutions

Build future-fit and adaptive foundations

  • Responsible AI Operating & Governance Model
  • Organising AI (AI Centre of Excellence)
  • Culture, Change Management & Workforce Training
  • Execution & MLOps
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Edge AI
  • Data Management & Governance
  • Architecture, Infrastructure & Technology Platforms
  • AI Ecosystem
  • AI-powered solutions

Accelerate value and operate responsibly

  • AI Managed Services & Operations
  • Optimisation & Automation
  • Security & Compliance Governance
  • Cost Management & FinOps
  • AI-powered solutions


Responsible AI

As AI’s power accelerates from automation to creation with generative AI (GenAI), we provide best practices for developing guardrails, policies and AI governance. Our models for AI operations (AIOps) address issues of ethical AI, trust, transparency, explainability, fairness, non-bias, data/model/provenance, privacy, security, AI regulations, intellectual property and more. 

What is responsible AI? 

Two artificial intelligence must-haves: An innovation culture and data literacy

For more than two decades, CGI has delivered AI, advanced analytics and intelligent automation as part of our end-to-end offerings, applying lessons learned and continuously investing in technology and expertise. We draw upon proven AI use cases and pre-built solutions powered by trusted domain data sets to help clients make best-return investments.

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CGI Machine Vision

Changing the economics of visual monitoring using computer vision, AI and machine learning.

CGI Machine Vision applies edge AI and machine learning to interpret videos and photos in a human-like way. It is a computer vision, edge-compute solution providing the power of AI at the source, to transform IoT vision-oriented problems.


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Driving business transformation through human-assisted intelligence

CGI PulseAI is a human-assisted intelligence platform that leverages GenAI and machine learning to redefine, streamline, and automate business processes across the enterprise.


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AI partner ecosystem

Our AI partner ecosystem brings together intelligent solutions and capabilities from our third-party alliances, including:

AI will not take a pause, and neither can organisations. Our experts delve into the impact of AI across all industries and share actionable insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.