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CACS X for collections

CGI Collections360 is a comprehensive managed services approach to debt collections that brings together the management of software, business processes and underlying IT into a single cohesive suite.

CGI Collections360 capabilities

CGI Collections360 is a comprehensive managed services approach to collections and recovery that combines software, business processes and IT services to manage and improve the collections life cycle for commercial and government organizations across the globe.

CGI CommunityCare360

We believe in patient-centric care and connecting the systems that provide the circle of care around the patient, making sure the patient gets the exact focus and treatment when and where it is needed. We call this CGI CommunityCare360.

CGI Credit Studio

CGI Credit Studio is a cloud-native credit management platform powered by intelligent automation and machine learning. It includes everything you need to re-imagine the credit management life cycle, including software, business processes and underlying IT.

CGI GeoData360

GeoData360 is CGI’s production platform for Earth Observation (EO) and geospatial (Geo) services designed for long running, large scale production pipelines as a Platform-as-a-Service.

CGI HotScan360

CGI HotScan360 is a versatile and complex financial crime and risk management platform. It provides real-time monitoring and big data analysis for customer activities and identifies potential fraud.

CGI Intelligent Maintenance of Electric Lines (MILES)

Detect, locate and identify the root cause of power outages before they occur, CGI MILES allows utilities to improve reliability performance by targeting the minority of feeders responsible for the majority of outages.

CGI OpenGrid360

CGI OpenGrid360 is an innovative suite of solutions and services designed to help utility network owners and operators improve data insight and accelerate innovation to support the move to a more flexible and sustainable future grid. It supports the complete network value chain, from asset to outage management and more.

CGI OpenLand360

CGI OpenLand360 solves the problem of increasingly complex equipment that is fitted to defence vehicles. Based on open standards, it simplifies the user interface, maximises the information value and facilities rapid replacement and addition of equipment.

CGI OpenSea360

CGI OpenSea360 is the maritime mission system for sub-24m high-speed craft, proven to enable crews to react faster to changing circumstances in challenging conditions.

CGI SensorInsights360

Improving the lives and wellbeing of citizens and consumers with CGI’s scalable, real-time Internet of Things (IoT) platform

CGI's Merlot Medi for emergency medical care management

CGI's Merlot Medi is a real-time system for emergency medical care. It enables fast information sharing between hospitals and personnel at the scene of an accident, as well as more efficient emergency interventions.

Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)

CGI’s RTU devices offer improved asset utilisation and increased reliability with real-time data visibility, helping utilities transition to intelligent, flexible energy systems.

uPair® an all-in-one entitlement server eSIM solution

uPair is an entitlement server eSIM solution that allows mobile network customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their wearable technology. Our cloud-native solution simplifies the integration and deployment of device pairing for network operators through a set of easy-to-use APIs.